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I once had a pal,

his name was Chris.

He was the best friend ever,

I can tell ya this.

When he first arrived

at Shingobee hill,

he slept out in a tent,

against a Winters chill.

At camp he met Bruce,

who was living with me.

And those city boys


a party of three.

And when I say party,

that's exactly what I mean.

That little house in Akeley,

became a party machine!

When Bruce and I departed,

In seventy nine.

Chris said he was staying,

and he'd be just fine.

Then he met a gal,

that Barbie girl.

And they got hooked up,

and gave it a whirl.

They became a family,

out Akeley way.

That's where they still live,

even to this day.

Later in life,

In eighty-four.

I missed that 218'er

who I need to see more.

So I bought 10 acres

on Howard Lake Road.

And put up a shack,

very rustic I'm told.

But that's OK,

because I was finally back,

to hang-out with my pal,

at the hunting shack.

My friendship with Scoop,

continued to grow.

We had parties at the trailer,

Chris would ALWAYS show.

We'd play nickel, dime poker,

with change that we could spare,

and Chris would lose his money,

but he never seemed to care!

So we would give back our winnings,

to Barb and Chris.

So they could pay the baby sitter,

I remember this!

Now 38 eight years later,

from when I met my friend.

The friendship I have cherished,

has come to an end.

Life is not fair,

and I know not why.

I will really miss my pal,

as I am trying not to cry.

But I am very proud to say,

I was a friend of the Scoop.

And I'm hoping that his family

will keep me in the loop.

God bless you Chris,


Best friends forever,

By Jim Larson, aka (The Jimmer)