Associated Press:November 30, 2001

The Infamous Insomnia Bin-Loggin has been located. A small band of deer hunters known as The Lower Howard Lake Sportsmen.s Association found Bin-Login un-armed deep in the forest up North.

L.H.L.S.A. member Mr Shitbird said, "Ya, he thought I couldn't see him crouched down in that there brush, he musta forgot that he was wearin the blaze orange ! I coaxed him back to our camp by telling him we would feed him some turkey, he looked pretty darn hungry !"

The group Leader Lars said that they had administered a near lethal dose of L'Tryptophan on the poor bastard, then turned him over to his wife.

Mrs Bin-Loggin was quoted as saying, .That towel headed bastard will never see the light of day, he is sentenced to hard domestic labor and unbearable toil in my quilting sweat shop here on the Bin-Loggin compound..

No doubt this fugitive would have faired better in Afghanistan!