What good is a deer shack without a bunch of Rubes to share it with?


PEE-WEE, Occupation: Firefighter. Deceased in 1992, RIP Dad

Father of Lars, Honorary Member, Pee-Wee was the guy who started this whole Deer Shack tradition thing. Unfortunately, Pee-Wee never hunted from our camp because he swore that:"Nary a flake of snow shall fall on Ye Old Grey Head!" He Wintered in Florida until he died in February of 1992 at age 66.

The Deer Shack is dedicated to his memory.


THE JIMMER, aka LARS, (Updated 2022), Age 71, Occupation: Semi-Retired Boiler Inspector.


Son of Pee-Wee, The Deer Shack proprietor, Core Member, purchased deer shack property in 1984, veteran of 39 deer hunting seasons from this camp. 22 deer harvested. Hardware, poetry, flatulence, deep fried turkey, and one jack-off in poker, are his specialties.


YUKON, (Updated 2022), Occupation: Retired IT Professional.

Original Core Member, was Jimmer�s partner in the improvement of the property 1984 through 1988. Credited with 1/2 of a deer kill. Yukon is known for his baked potatoes, his sirloin steaks and for holding down the shack while others hunt!


SCOOP, (Updated 2022) a.k.a. �Bet-Em�, Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator.

Core Member, Age 63, The Scoop is a local resident that does not deer hunt with us very often because he has other hunting privileges near-by. From the beginning, The Scoop has been a person that has donated countless hours of help and assistance to The Shack. Scoop donates a lot of poker change which keeps The Scoop�s status elevated within the association ! Unfortunately, Scoop died of cancer in 2017, he is sorely missed by all.


KUJO, (Updated 2022) �Insomnia Bin-Loggin�, Occupation: Arborist.

Core Member, Age 68, has not missed many season since he started coming up in 1986, This �Pollack� is our resident termite, and has been the person responsible for keeping the Deer Shack safe from fallen trees (almost !) and he is the Team Leader when it comes to putting up the fire wood. Kujo has taken 9.5 deer including the largest one so far in 2005. He is also known for his �Egg McPaul�s�, his poker prowess and his generous cash donations.


RUDOLPH, (Updated 2022) �Will The Thrill�, Occupation: Lean Six-Sigma.

Son of Demo, Core Member, Age 53, has not missed a year since he first started coming up in 1988, Rudolph is credited with 10.5 deer taken to date, Rudolph is known to be our most serious hunter and often stays out all day, imagine that! He is a generous cash donator as well.


DEMO, (Updated 2022), Core Member, Occupation: Retired IT Professional.

Age 77, Demo has taken one deer thus far. He is known for his kitchen help and generous donations, also his political viewpoints which are DEMO in nature! Demo does not come up to the shack anymore.


GROANER, (Updated 2022), Occupation: Semi Retired IT Professional.

Core Member since 1995. Age 73, Groaner has taken 6 deer so far. Groaner is known for his �cheesy hash browns�, and his cooking and kitchen help. Also, in recent years he has donated a week of his vacation to help with Deer Shack improvements such as �JR�s Lounge� and the �Pee-Wee Patio�.


SHITBIRD, (Updated 2022), Occupation: Communications Sheeny.

Core Member. Age 51, Shitbird has has been awarded Core Member status for creating our tier system! Shitbird has taken four deer while hunting from our camp. He is known for his self-denigrating sense of humor and his abundant poker change!


SPOOKY, aka CURLEY, aka. �Mr Green Jeans�., (Updated 2022), Occupation: Salvage

Son of Kujo, Age 38, Member in good standing, has hunted with us since about 1999 and has attended Deer Shack prep weekend since about 1994. Spooky has taken 4 deer while hunting from our camp and has quietly contributed to our camp for many years. He is known for his "spooking" around in the dark!


HURLEY, (Updated 2022), a.k.a. �Barney�. Occupation: Machinist.

Son of Groaner, Age 41, Has hunted with us since about 1997 and has attended Deer Shack prep weekend since about 1995. Hurley has taken two deer while hunting from our camp and has contributed to our camp for many years. Best known for his �Texas Cork Screw� and hurling of his dinner! Hurley no longer hunts deer from this camp.


KATO, �07�, Occupation: Human Resources Discriminator.

Kato, age 52, Kato has attended many Deer Shack Prep. weekends which has earned him his "Core Member" status. In spite of his absence, Kato is still considered a �Member in Good Standing� and has full Deer Shack privileges. KATO is known to be the �fuel� in the infamous recipe for fire: (heat, fuel and oxygen) !! Kato has been hunting with us on second weekends, but so far is deerless.


MULLET, age 51

Mullet is a local yokel who seems to have replaced Scoop since his departure. Mullet does not hunt with our group, but like Scoop he can be counted on to assist in various deer shack needs. Thank you Mullet.



Prince Rupert is from Der Canada eh! He helps out at shack prep and sometimes comes up for fishing. He is an awesome cook, and has a peculiar personality! So far he has not deer hunted with us yet.


FORMER MEMBERS AND GUESTS (no updates since 2007):


CAPTAIN NEMO, �07�, a.k.a. "Stevo", Occupation: Boiler Inspector.

Capt. Nemo hunted with us mid-week for several years. He never took a deer from our camp, but he sure enjoyed coming up there. Unfortunately, Capt. Nemo took his own life in July of 2004. Capt. Nemo was voted in as an Honorary Member in 2004 and his picture is stapled to the wall in The Deer Shack along with all the other group photo's and poems. We miss you Capt. Nemo, your spirit will always be with us at The Shack.


COUNT COOKIE, �07�, Occupation: Mooch !

Son of Kujo, Age 23, Count Cookie has hunted with our group for several years beginning in 1997. The �Count� has attended many Deer Shack prep weekends for which we are very grateful, but he has fallen out of �Member� status in recent years due to lack of attendance.


WOLFBAIT, �07�, Occupation: Screen Printing Business Owner.

Wolfbait age 62, hunted with our group for about six years between 1990 & 1998. Wolfbait was known for his poker prowess, his dice cup, his wild game feasts, and for keeping things stirred-up. He took two deer while hunting from our camp, actually three but failed to find a nice big doe he shot in 1992, hence the nickname �Wolfbait�!!


BUTCH, �07�, Occupation: Medical Engineer.

Son of Wolfbait, Age 38, Butch hunted with us several years, (1991 & 1992) he took a deer in 1991, a spike buck.


CHERRY, �07� a.k.a. �He-Man�, Occupation: Retired Truck Driver.

Cherry, Stepfather of Lars, age 79. Cherry hunted with us for about two years, 1996 & 1997. He enjoyed hunting from the Pee-Wee Deluxe stand. Cherry is best remembered for his liberal thinking, his abundant poker change, his passion for football on T.V. which prevented him from sitting in his stand, also his hearty laugh. Cherry never took a deer from our camp, but he would have had he stayed put in the Pee-Wee Deluxe!!


K-KID, �07�, Occupation: IT Professional.

Son of Demo, Age 46, K-kid hunted with us two seasons in 1994 & 1995, he later moved to Chicago for several years. The K-kid is now back and is more than welcome to hunt with us again, however some members are skeptical because the little bastard counts cards!K-kid is the brain responsible for this web site, Thank You very much K-kid.


SKID, �07�, Occupation: Scrap Truck Driver.

Age 46, Skid has hunted with our group on several occasions, He first came up in 1994 and he has attended several Deer Shack prep weekends. Skid enjoys hunting with his muzzleloader and is a welcome but sober guest.


CUZ, �07� a.k.a. �The Lone Pistoleer�, Occupation: Business Owner.

Age 55, Cuz has hunted with us on several occasions, (1990 & 1994), he is known to be something of a free spirit. One year he hunted with a bow and arrow and another year he hunted with a Thompson Contender pistol. Cuz was the author of the best deer shack poem ever written, see Just Cuz poem, it�s a dandy.


ROCKY, �07�, Occupation: Truck Driver.

Age 53, Rocky only hunted with us for one year, 1992. He attended several Deer Shack prep weekends, and was quite helpful when we installed the new trailer in 1992. Rocky was the guy who took charge of digging the bottomless hole under the existing outhouse which is still in use today! Every time I take a crap I think of good old Rocky!!


ALFONZO, �07�, Occupation: Cop.

Age 39, Step Son of Lars, Alfonzo only hunted with us for one year, 1988. He was noted for being the first and only to bring sweetened breakfast cereal into the camp (Fruity Pebbles), Alfonzo never returned to the camp, he got married and sired five children, need I say more?


SLEEP-BANDIT, Occupation: Black Top.

Age 45, Former member who helped with Shack-Prep weekends in the earlier years. He also became severely married and quit coming around after the wedded bliss began! The Sleep-Bandit was famous for showing up after lights-out to re-kindle a party, sometimes he would show up with loud overweight female specimens not worthy of our sleep loss!


BAD MAMMA JAMMA, �07�, Occupation: Personal Pleasure Device.

The Bad Mamma Jamma was our first and only female member, but since we had to blow her up, we excuse her for her gender!!The Bad Mamma Jamma was stolen in1989 or 1990 when some punk kids broke into the shack. I hope those dam punk kids got a dose of Vinal Disease from the Bad Mamma!!


CARP, �07� a.k.a. �Wolly Faced Zeb�, Occupation: Inn Keeper.

Age 54, The Carp hunted with us in the beginning, 1984 to 1986. Carp fell ill in 1987 and did not return until 1994 when he brought a friend �Skid� to the camp. Carp took one small button buck while hunting from our camp in 1986. Carp now resides in Alaska.


THE HEN, �07�, Occupation: Sales.

Age 54, The Hen hunted with us our very first season in 1984. He was the one who was �so darn witty that he shot a doe with a fawn at her titty!� The Hen shot our first camp deer, a huge 200 LB. doe from the Brucer stand. The Hen never returned.