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         DEER HUNTING, 2023

Its Shack Prep Weekend

in late October,

all the guys are here.

We have:

Jimmer and Kujo,

Groaner and Rulolph,

Shitbird and Spooky too,

and there was Kato and Jimacco,

just to name a few !

And we can’t forget the doggies:

Thumper, Jute and Scoop,

These loyal and faithful K-9’s,

that are always in the loop !

Our spirits were high,

as were the guys !

The shack was made ready to go.

Wood was cut, repairs were made,

the usual stuff, you know.

The stands were placed

deep in the woods,

and trails were cleared for slaying.

We thought this year,

would be a success,

that’s what we all were saying.

Now here I am,

sitting in my stand,

waiting for a trophy buck.

But the forest is way too quiet,

I think we’re outta luck !

No deers were seen

this hunting season,

its been a shit show

from day number one.

But we stuck it out,

to the very last day,

Cuz the guys

were still having fun.

But one guy went home early,

his wife broke her gosh darn hip, so The Deer Shack Leader,

jumped in his truck,

and made the 200 mile trip.

While she was in re-hab,

he returned to the Shack

with his trusty muzzle load musket.

He said with a grin,

while wiping Crown

from his chin,

Hell ya, I’m going back,

Fuck It !

In this attempt at salvation

still no deers were seen.

Jimmer and Spook

have learned a lesson:

the Deer Gods can be mean!

They went home empty,

without any game,

and no venison to share,

But the truth be told,

it makes no difference,

because we really didn’t care !

You could say that this year

was not a success.

But if you look at it from afar.

We all had fun,

we drank some booze,

and we ate like Roseanne Barr!

We shared our stories,

and we made up lies,

that nobody thought were true.

And if you think that’s not success,

my friend,

We’re not inviting YOU !

Thanks Guys,

God bless our Shack !