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by Jim Larson

Once again the weather was great,

with “global warming” this may be our fate.

I cannot complain if I’m warm on the stand, I doesn’t make us a lesser man.

Opening weekend we did not take game,

sometimes its different,

but its usually the same.

Shitbird missed a buck

with two errant shots,

he wounded the atmosphere,

and that’s all he got!

And Kujo was careful

not to take any shots

at a 10 point buck, so nothing he got.

I’m glad he is safe and hunts with care,

before he pulls back the trigger

when something is there.

But you don’t need permission

from the Governor man,

or consult a committee to share your plan.

Just shoot the dam deer and watch him fall,

That’s why we are here, after all !

On Monday I hunted from Shitbird’s stand,

Its East of the Shack in no-mans land.

At 1:50 PM I had me some luck,

coming east from five corners was a button buck.

I thought it was bigger, as I looked for more,  but of course it looked huge

at a power of four !

I took aim through the trees

and squeezed the off the shot.

After a hundred yard run,

it was the first one we got.

With help from a Rincon

we got the deer in,

It may not be big, but its still a win.

The youth came up missing,

no kids were around.

Not even second weekend,

when they should  abound.

Not even Shack Prep was a kid to be seen,

All stayed at home

with their video machine !

This absence of youth is becoming a trend.

I fear our tradition may come to an end.

Hanging out with Dad may seem un-cool,

but of this you are wrong, don’t be a fool.

There will come a day

when Dad is no longer there,

and you will regret not coming,

to show him you care.

On Tuesday afternoon

again in the Shitbird tree,

At about 2 PM

I saw deers number three.

It was a doe and a buck

walking South in the forest,

I will spare you the details,

don’t want to bore us!

But I took the 4 point buck

with only one shot,

it was a good sized animal,

and the second one we got !

As it turns out,

no more deer were taken.

We harvested two,

and were not forsaken.

We gave away the button

to a Deer Shack friend

and the 2021 season

has come to an end.

But before I leave,

we must speak about the meals,

We ate two deep fried turkeys,

It was a hell of a deal.

We had all the fixins,

with tatters and stuffing,

thanks to Shitbird, Groaner and Rudolph,

it was really something.

And about the Egg-McPaul’s,

our traditional breakfast feed

Thank you to Kujo

They are delicious indeed.

And Thank You my fellow hunters,

It was a really good year.

As Christmas has passed,