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         DEER HUNTING, 2020

It was warm and sunny on opening day.

You sit in the warmth, I can hear you say;

“OH YA MAN, I like it this way”.

Well at 1 PM the problems began,

the Groaner took a buck

from the Hilltop Stand.

Shitbird’s Indian name

is “Drags Rick’s Deer”,

so with help from a Rincon,

he did it this year!

It was a nice 8 pointer,

Groaners first since oh-nine,

we got it back to camp,

thinking all was fine.

Then we thought about the veni,

it might spoil overnight,

so we gave it to our neighbor,

much to his delight!

For the first time ever,

we failed to apply,

for the Anterless Permits,

I don’t know why !

So of course the does were thick,

and abundant as hell,

we all got to see them,

but none of them fell !

We went home empty handed,

second year in a row,

if you decline to shoot a deer,

it only goes to show,

that the Deer Gods get angry,

and will cut you off,

you know it is true,

you shouldn’t scoff !

Kujo and Spook were missing,

that’s two years in a row.

They were at risk of the COVID,

and could not go.

Both returned second weekend,

it was good to have them here,

I hope this doesn’t happen

again next year.

The old guys went out

on Veterans Day,

to a restaurant in Nevis,

and I have to say:

The food was good,

and the service was OK.

But to the guy that bought our dinners,


Its nice to be recognized,

for the time we’ve served,

and to get appreciation,

so long ago deserved.

What happened to our youth,

the future of our group.

It seems they have no will,

to stay in the loop.

At least we had the dogs,

Jute and Scoop,

They were fun to have in camp,

until you stepped in their poop !

But on a positive note,

we still have the Core,

and I appreciate their loyalty,

much much more.

And the many contributions,

that keep our camp alive,

I hope you see my gratitude,

and I know we will survive.

And last but not least,

a toast to our friend,

A shot of Crown Royal,

to heaven we send.

Mr Scoop is always with us,

we can feel his presence,

like the blood of Christ,

Crown is his essence !

We all miss you Scoop,

You were the best.

All the guys agree,

and all of us attest.

Thanks guys,

By Jim Larson