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         DEER HUNTING, 2019

Four guys showed up

for opening day.

Rudolph, Groaner, me and Demo,

What can I say ?

We were ghosted by Shitbird

on Saturday eve.

And early next morning

he had to leave.

And there was no Kujo

for the first time ever.

He broke his frickin elbow,

claimed he could not

work the lever.

His 34 year streak

of opening days.

Has come to an end,

again,, what can I say?

No deer were taken

this entire season.

Because we passed on too many,

that was the reason.

The deer gods hate it

if you decline what they give.

They think you don’t need them,

and just want them to live.

That theory isn’t wrong

as it applied to me.

But Kujo likes his veni,

so we should have shot three!

The weather was awful,

Geez it was freezing.

The coldest season in years,

it was way beyond reason.

So the Groaner and I

did not hunt much.

We just hung out at the shack,

watching TV and such.

Later in the week

it warmed up a lot.

So we took to our stands,

but no deers were got.

On weekend number two

we had a bigger group.

There was six guys in camp,

plus Jute and the Scoop !

And Kujo showed up

with his arm in a sling.

But he still cooked McPaul’s,

cuz that is his thing !

And for the Saturday feast

we had a deep fried bird.

With cheezy taters and fixings,

Oh my word !

Kato came back

to keep us from sleeping.

With help from Rudolph,

it was a tradition in keeping!

And for the guys that

could not make it.

Such as Crack Rat and Spook.

And Shitbird’s progeny,

they will stay the loop.

Maybe next year

we can have the whole crew back.

To carry on our storied past,

of fun at the shack.

And last but not least

a Crown Royal toast to our friend.

Who’s spirt is always with us

as this season must end.

We miss you Scoop.

Jim Larson