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         DEER HUNTING, 2018

Its opening morning of twenty eighteen.

Not much shooting, or deer’s to be seen.

Only 5 ½ in camp, what da heck’s the use ?

All those missing had a weak tit excuse !

Shitbird brung his youngan,

which goes against the creed,

but desperate men do desperate things,

and desperate we were indeed!

On Sunday morning,

we were down to three.

The old guys got ghosted,

and did not collect the fee!

Several deer were seen

by Kujo and the Spook.

But last years “Killer Instinct”

seems to be a fluke!

Spook stared down a buck,

he had a loaded 0-6 round,

but he failed to take the shot,

Cuz he’s standing on “level ground” !

In the middle of the week,

I had me some luck.

I got us a deer,

it was a button buck.

Then another deer appeared,

do I shoot us another?

I was not sure,

so I texted my brother!

The Groaner said no,

one will do.

So I took her picture,

and enjoyed the view.

On Friday evening,

from the hilltop tree.

I downed an eight point buck,

that’s two deers for me !

On the second hunting weekend,

there were nine guys on board.

Without that FEMA trailer,

that would have been a hoard!

We had the Jimmer, and the Groaner,

and Kujo too,

and Rudolph, Spook, and Shitbird,

Mr. Kato was something new.

The youngsters were Pelvis and Boomer,

and the Natcho on weekend one.

None of the boys seen deer,

but all of them had fun.

Missing were Demo and Crack Rat,

that was too bad,

If they both had shown up,

eleven we’d have had !

Saturdays Crown Royal bash,

was fun for us all.

We played Cards Against Humanity,

but that’s not all.

We played all kinds of poker,

till the hours of Wee !

The Bull Shit Poker,

was not good to me!

We had a guest appearance,

from the Scrape and Murine,

that crowded living room,

was quite the scene!

We Traegered some birds,

for Saturday’s feed.

The smoked turkey and chicken,

were delicious indeed.

Now as I close out this poem,

that I share with our group.

Let us not forget our friend,

    The Infamous SCOOP.


Jim Larson