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It was cold as heck

on opening day.

The coldest in years,

this I must say.

The deer weren't moving,

and neither were we!

There was no shooting,

or deer's to see.

So by 9 AM

we were back at the camp,

we were bored and cold,

and our clothes were damp.

But the Egg McPaul's

renewed our zest,

to return to the woods

and continue the quest.

At the end of the weekend,

no deer were slain.

But this poem must be written,

so I shall not refrain!

Our party of six

was the older men.

The oldest guy was Demo,

we should have had ten.

The Crack-Rat dissed us,

and the Spooker did too,

Prince Rupert and Shitbird

had something to do.

Have the guys lost interest ?,

our average age was fifty-five,

Is our hunting tradition failing?

Can we keep it alive?

During the week,

it got even colder still,

The deer were not moving,

and we lost the will !

On Thursday and Friday,

the Groaner and I,

lounged in our PJ's,

and didn't even try!

We watched World War II,

on DVD,

that was more fun than freezing,

if you're asking me!

On weekend number two,

we added Shitbird and Spook.

But Shitbird's "Unicorn Curse",

was not a fluke!

He had several chances,

but due to bad luck and a jamb,

he failed to slay a deer,

and his prey just ran!

But the guy named Spooky,

who had just endured my shame,

regained his killer instinct,

and improved his aim.

He took two does,

off the Lakeview tree,

the drag up Hacksaw Ridge,

was too much for me.

Spook and the Bird,

finally pulled them up the hill,

we could have used more help,

where the hell was Bill ?

On our Saturday night feasts,

we had some different treats.

We used the Frying Saucer,

to deep fry our eats.

We had fish and fries and chicken too, the onion rings and cauliflower,

were something new.

I think the guys enjoyed it,

of this I'm not sure,

but it's easier than frying turkey,

I hope they concur.

Now as I end this Ode,

we dedicate this year to Scoop.

Just making sure our friend,

stays in the loop.

We miss him badly,

and we salute him with a shot,

he was the best guy ever,

and will never be forgot.

We Love you Scoop.

Jim Larson.