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It was warm as hell

this hunting season,

global warming

could be the reason.

With temps in the 60's

the deer just lay,

enjoying the warmth

of a Winter's day.

But I can't complain,

because I don't like cold.

it's the surest sign,

that I'm getting old !

My dad hated Winter,

with all of his heart.

That's why he never joined us,

that ornery old fart!

On opening day

we passed on four.

After Kujo chewed us out,

we would need to see more.

So the Crack-Rat took a doe,

from the Scarface ridge.

Which made our friend happy,

and put meat in our fridge!

Only one deer taken,

while hunting this year.

I can make up excuses,

as I'm drinking a beer!

Sleeping-in could be,

a part of the blame.

Or just our lousy luck,

its all the same!

An old friend joined us

during this years season.

We blame his absence

on his wife,

as the primary reason!

Kato showed up,

for the second week end

it was really good to see,

our long lost friend.

And the new FEMA trailer,

she sure was nice.

It was used by Gen-Xer's,

not once but twice.

With their kids in the camp

for weekend number two,

"Kato's Crib" was a godsend,

to the older crew!

It relieved the crowding,

and it served us well.

And the boys enjoyed it,

as far as I could tell.

Speaking of the boys,

there is nick names to made.

It's a camp tradition,

it's the dues to be paid!

So, we have a "Boomer"

and a "Nacho",

and a boy called "Elvis"!

But we never got to see him, shaking his pelvis!

It was fun to have some youth,

back in the fray.

If they hang out at the FEMA,

It will be OK!

Now as I end this poem,

We all need to say:

Get well to "Scoop",

In God's Name we pray.

Jim Larson.