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Once again I have to try

to write this poem, do or die!

This years hunt was not the best,

but we drank some whiskey

and got some rest!

No deer were taken,

but that was by choice.

I had my chances,

but I heard a voice;

"Please don't shoot me,

we are just two doe,

we have no antlers that we can show.

If you let us live and let us free,

we will make you a buck,

A big Trophy !!" !!

So that's what I did,

I let them be.

To propagate the forest

for you and me!

We didn't need the veni,

cuz our freezers aren't bare,

so I let them live,

it just seems fair.

I did see some bucks,

that ran by fast.

One had his nose

up the female's ass !

The bucks were nice

with points of eight,

by the time I reacted,

it was way too late.

The food was great,

it's always that way.

We had deep fried turkeys

on the Saturdays.

We had crockpot pheasant,

and steak and greens.

No one went hungry

by any means!

As the season concludes

and the camp is shut down,

the stands are brought in

and stored on the ground.

Spooky's on a mission

but not the one assigned.

He dragged in a stand,

he was proud of his find!

But the stand wasn't ours

It's the neighbor guy.

So we had to return it.

Spooky, ... Nice Try!

Groaner and I returned

for the muzzle loader season.

And Scoop joined up

for the following reason.

He don't hunt with us

because he hunts his "arcade",

but he loves our company

and the poker that's played.

Scoop is our friend

but his health's not the best

we are praying for him

along with the rest.

Get Well Soon Scoop.

By Jim Larson