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Eight guys showed up

for this years event.

If we had any more

they would be in a tent!

They all arrived

with bottles of Crown.

There was no way

we could drink it all down.

We gave it a go,

we drank lots of booze.

We were on vacaction

with nothing to lose!

Get out early

and be in your stand.

The opening moments

are now at hand.

At oh seven ten

we had two deer down,

a buck and a doe

were on the ground.

We had just barely started,

some still at the shack.

One's in his pillbox

for an ambush attack!

Three were on the move

one was sick from booze.

It only goes to show,

If you snooze you lose!

The rest of the hunt

there was no rush,

to stomp in the woods

and sneak through the brush.

With two deer hanging,

we have all we need.

To take any more,

would just be greed.

So the rest of the week,

some hunting was done,

by Spooky and Groaner,

just for fun.

But most of the days,

we were not up early.

Especially the Crack Rat,

we used to call Hurley.

We just hung around,

watching war on TV.

It was relaxing as hell,

it was OK by me.

The following weekend,

more deer were spotted.

But the trophy we seek,

was not allotted.

That's Ok,

we had us some fun.

The food was awesome,

at poker I won!

The guys are all super,

I'm happy with the season.

They predicted no deer,

for some unknown reason.

And now it's Thanksgiving,

and my birthday too.

Whose house should I go to?

What should I do?

If it was muzzle season,

that's where I'd be.

sipping on whiskey,

or up in a tree!

I'm very very thankful

for all that I've got.

To my friends and relations,

I love you allot.

By Jim Larson