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29 years and 30 seasons.

The tradition continues,

these are the reasons;

Its hard to find a camp

that's 30 years old.

Where you step out on the deck,

and lock & load!

With infinite forest

and plenty of deer,

Crown Royal whiskey

and ice cold beer!

Lots of deer stands

and lots of trails,

insure that our group,

rarely fails.

The friendly banter

and the low stakes poker,

excellent cooks

and a practical joker.

Are some of the reasons

we keep coming back,

to that 50 ft trailer

we call "The Shack"!

On opening morning,

nothing was seen.

The forest was silent,

but our senses were keen.

Then at 1 PM,

after brunch was served,

Jimmer's got one down,

it was much deserved!

A nice big buck

with points of eight,

walked past Scarface,

and met its fate.

Hurley showed up

to offer a hand,

to drag this beast

to the promise land.

Then Groaner shows up,

with a two wheeled cart,

leave it to him,

that wise old fart!

As it turns out,

it was the only deer taken,

but we are not discouraged

and we are not forsaken.

Cuz in two more weeks,

we can do it some more,

by shoving a ball,

down a muskets bore!

Well I made it back

for the muzzle load season,

but it was way too cold,

it was beyond all reason!

So me and the Scoop

for a lack of wanna,

drank some whiskey

and took a sauna!

We did actually hunt,

but it was not fun,

we saw no deer

while with a gun,

But that's OK,

we enjoyed our stay,

and we left some deer

for another day!

Remember "Cherry"

my old Step Dad?

Remember all the fun we had?

His liberal views

and poker money,

his hearty laugh

at anything funny.

Well I have to report

that Cherry's no more.

He's banging on the gates

of heavens door.

He passed away

just one week back,

of a terrible cancer

and a heart attack.

I will miss that man,

he had a heart of gold,

but his body wore out,

he got too old.

So here's to you,

I toast a brew.

It's a Mick Golden Draft Light

I'm drinkin for you.

Farewell Buster.

By Jim Larson