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The hunting season is now all done,

It was a wonderful hunt for everyone.

The weather was nice, 40's each day.

Its fun to hunt when it's warm that way.

But the deer I guess do not agree,

they just lay low it seems to me.

If I have my choice,

I would chose the heat,

I've got all week to hunt for meat !

The Jimmer shot a doe,

and Shitbird took a buck,

but after that we were out of luck.

The Bird was done after his kill.

He just lounged around

doing the chill!

He did not show up

for weekend two

because he got his,

and then he's through.!

Rudolph hunted hard,

and saw lots of deer,

but he wanted a buck

for his wall this year.

Just like Shitbird,

no weekend two.

Shunned by the College Boys,

what can you do?

And another guy ...

that hunted hard I'm thinking,

was Mr Spooky the Puerto Rican !

He was with us all week,

because he has no work,

and his dad kicked him out

for being a jerk !

I'm just kidding,

he's a stand up kid,

we appreciate

all the work he did,

he does his chores

and he pays his way,

but you can't understand him,

I have to say !

Scoop and Demo

were absent this year.

We missed their poker change

and their usual cheer!

They had excuses

we heard them reason,

at least Scoop was present

for the muzzle season.

And we have invented,

a great way to stalk.

Its called the "Canyon Run"

and you do not walk.

You ride a bike on the yuppie track,

with a loaded rifle on your back.

It's fun to do and you see some deer,

we will have to do it

again next year.

And oh my god

did we drink the booze.

Five jugs of Crown we did abuse!

That stuffs not cheap, but neither are we.

Whisky that good is never free!

We love that CRISP

after a day in the wood,

it warms your sole

and it tastes so good!

And the food was great,

that's always the case.

Its part of the joy

of our hunting place.

It's one of the reasons

we all come back,

even when the turkey

is cooked all black!

That's all I have, I guess I'm done.

I could not include everyone.

I failed to mention Groaner and Hurley,

but I was glad they were there

and showed up early.

Thanks to all for being my friend,

and on that note, this poem must end.

By The Jimmer