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It was the 25th year

for our shack up North,

the 26th poem I have put forth.

It gets harder and harder

to create this rhyme,

my brain is getting softer

with the passing of time!

It's a tradition I do

cuz I know it's expected,

but I'm thinking that next year,

a new poet's elected!

Do we have any takers

for this annual task??

Just think of the glory

and fame you will bask!

Its out with the old and in with the new,

come on you guys, what can you do ?

Only one deer taken, but many were seen.

Groaner has become a killing machine!

He took a healthy young fork

from the Lake View tree,

it weighed two tons if you're asking me.

Thanks to the Forest Service,

draggin deer's no longer free,

cuz those dirty rotten bastards

outlawed my ATV!!

And while were on the subject,

what happened to your stand?

They were all cut down

by the Forest Man!

After years of hunting

from a few lousy trees,

the "Man" says no longer

can we hunt from these !

So we put up some metal

and strap it to a tree,

it's not as safe or comfy,

I'm sure you agree!

Enough with my rant,

there was good things too.

I'm about to share a few with you.

We had chicken and turkey

and rib eye steak.

We had cheesy hash browns

for heavens sake.

We had Shitbird dressing

and M's chow-mein,

pizza pie, and back straps,

I shall refrain.

And we had beer and whiskey,

Crisp's, Crimes and Croke's,

thanks to Crown Royal,

those wonderful folks !

We even had a quilt made,

from those pretty purple bags,

no wonder just one deer for nine deer tags!

Spooky and Yukon were missing this time,

one was injured but soon will be fine.

The other one "Spooky",

was in the land of the sun,

missing out on hunting and all of the fun!

Hurley got lazy and skipped weekend two,

your youth is important,

this just will not do!

Christmas has passed and New Years too.

This time of the year there's nothing to do.

So we reflect on the good times

and try to forget the bad,

we thank the Lord for deer camp,

and the good times we've had.

Now I bid you all farewell,

but lets all keep in touch.

Happy New Year guys,

Thank you so much.

Jim Larson 09