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Only two deer were taken by Kujo and Lars.

Some deer were sighted, but shooting was sparse.

The deer were not moving, or none were around.

The forest was quiet, hardly a sound.

But nine days in camp, is nine days of bliss.

It's therapeutic and relaxing,

I can tell you this.

The time goes too fast, its over and done.

The Groaner and I sure did have fun.

A group at the Shack I've failed to address,

is our faithful hounds, I shan't digress.

It was Clifford's last year I am sorry to say,

but we still have Scoutie and the gay shar pei !!

We will miss that Cliff, he was a lovable slouch.

But now that he's gone,

there's more room on the couch!

The Tree Gestapo has paid us a call,

he cut down our stands, one and all.

With a nasty note and the threat of fines,

he thinks he's Gods gift to the trees and vines!

It's OK for him to clear the forest,

but we borrow just one tree,

and the government deplores us!

The forest is not his, neither is it mine.

It belongs to us all, and the spirit divine.

Our camp has survived for 25 seasons,

This doesn't happen without plenty of reasons.

The shack is still sound, and the roof is still tight,

the wood stove keeps the temp just right.

The food is great and the drinks are strong,

things get fixed when something's wrong.

But most of all it's our group of guys,

we all get along because everyone tries.

When one can't come cause things are tight,

we all kick in to make it right.

There is no reason to do without,

because Bush and Obama will bail you out !

By Lars.