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Because my words rhyme,

it makes me not a Poet.

Its time once again,

to compose some words to show it!

The season's long since over,

and we're in a brand new year.

This poem is still not written,

it is "Writer's Block" I fear!

But I shall not give up,

and I will not fail.

This message will be written,

I must prevail.

Three deer were taken

in this 24th season.

We even let some go,

for some unknown reason!

Rudolph showed restraint

and did not pull the trigger,

he thinks the Deer Gods love him,

and will send him something bigger!

Shitbird finally shot one

with his thirty-ought-six.

And Groaner laid down two,

to add to the mix.

Lars, he hunted hard,

but never used his tag.

After nine days of hunting,

all he saw was a flag!

The young guys in camp,

are 20 some years old.

Spooky done the dishes,

without being told!

Soon they will contribute

with more than just a chore,

if they would ever get a job

we might ask them for more!

Wolfbait got his wish,

to bad he's now retired.

We finally built his sauna,

as requested... its wood fired!

It gets the job done,

although finished it's not,

at a deuce and a quarter ,

it gets awful dam hot!

We had deep fried turkey,

and cheesy hashbrown.

We had "M's" chow-mien,

which is world renown.

We had Yukon steaks,

and Shitbird dressing.

The food at the shack,

is always worth assessing!

And last but not least,

is the poker and drinking.

We had fighting and cussing,

and no doubt some stinking!

There was taunting and teasing,

and Hurley's coughing and wheezing.

But that's what men love,

we find it appeasing!

There I did it,

this poem is all done.

This year's event,

was a lot of fun.

The guys were are all great,

and the hunt was all good.

And I've completed this message,

like I said I would!

Thank you guys, we will see ya around.

May you keep your resolutions.

And may the deer abound.