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My deer stand paid off,

it is shiny and new.

I was on it at sun-up,

oh yes, it is true!

It overlooks the lake,

and is large enough for two,

my new favorite stand,

is called "The Lakeview".

Its about darn time,

I shoot that big ol buck.

I've endured thirty-five years

of lousy hunting luck!

So at 7:10 A.M.

on opening day,

I shot an eight-point buck.

Yee-Haw, Hooray!!

First came the doe,

I took her with one round.

Then came the buck,

hardly making a sound.

As he cleared a big tree

and stepped out in the open,

it was the view in my scope,

I've been wishin and hopin !

I squeezed off a round,

I knew I hit my spot.

Two shots fired,

two deer I got!

One hour later,

more shots rang out.

They were from the

east side of the road,

Its Rudolph, no doubt!

Did that "dog gone" kid,

shoot one I wonder.

Has he taken a buck ?

Has he stolen my thunder?

Sure enough,

its another eight point deer.

Hell of an opener,

hell of a year!

There's still eight days to hunt,

and the pressure is gone.

But Cherry placed an order

for a button or fawn.

Groaner took the honors

with a tender young buck,

It was delivered to Cherry,

in the back of my truck!

This camp that we hunt from,

for which I carry the torch.

Continues to improve,

this year it's a porch.

Its twenty-two feet long,

and covered with tin.

With accommodations like these,

how can we not win?

The whether was warm,

the food was great.

Was this our best year ever?

That's up for debate.

2006, could be the best year we've had,

but its kinda like sex,

its never bad!

Now the season's over,

the deer are at rest.

It really doesn't matter

which year was the best.

It's the friends and relations,

that keep us coming back.

To that fifty foot trailer,

We all call....


By Lars