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There was snow on the ground on opening day,

But that's OK, we like it that way.

We could see by the tracks there were plenty of deer,

We all are predicting a very good year.

With eight guys in camp we were two beds shy,

I had to sleep in a tent, and this is why . . .

Kujo and groaner both brought up a son,

However, due to poor grades,

we were missing one!

We need to expand off the back of the shack,

To accommodate our nine gun attack!

We are planning to do it this up-coming summer,

Cuz I froze my ass off,

That tent was a bummer!

On opening morning, it was ten below.

All hunted but one,

That guy we all know!

We are glad that he comes,

as he is one of the "Core".

But he could leave his guns home,

He don't use them no more!

The tribunal has voted for a limit of three,

Because processing deer has never been free!

If you must take a fourth,

You are on your own.

As three deer hanging, is all we condone!

The Three deer were taken on day number two,

One had been wounded with a shot clean through.

Kujo tracked slow, and I tracked fast,

Our efforts paid off when we found them at last.

They were both still alive, and still on the go,

I shot the yearling, and kujo the doe!

As our twentieth season is now all but done,

I reflect on tradition, and all of the fun.

I am proud that our group continues to thrive,

And I know that these guys will keep it alive.

So cheers to our party,

Especially the "Core",

And here's to us hunting for twenty years more!

By lars