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The camp is in its 19th year.

We've have had some fun,

and we've taken some deer.

2002 was a season of firsts.

It wasn't our best,

but it wasn't our worst.

For the first time ever,

I missed opening day.

I would have been there,

if I'd have had it my way!

By the time I arrived,

the guys had done fine.

Two deer were taken,

on Tulsa time!

My No-Brother Good-In Laws,

took their first camp deer's.

It was fun to see,

cause they've hunted for years.

Mr. Green Jeans took,

his first deer too.

His Dad kept on shouting...

"Boy, I'm proud of you !!"

The guys all pitched in,

with money and more.

That's nothing new,

they've done it before.

There's a new gas grille

and microwave too,

and campfire bench

to take in the view.

The cash will go,

towards new roof coat.

These guys are great,

I've reason to gloat!

Zone two is all done,

it was a success.

But I ain't done hunting,

I must confess.

So its off to Bruno,

with musket in hand.

Cause I've been invited by Kato,

to hunt his land.

No deer were taken,

in week number three.

I don't care,

that's OK with me.

We have plenty of veni,

for all of the men.

If we had taken four,

we may have wasted them.

It makes no sense,

to kill more than you need.

That's a lesson we've learned,

and its part of our creed.

Thanks to you all,

for all your support.

Without your help,

I may have abandoned this sport.

Our camp is not,

just a shack in the woods.

It's a merger of souls,

it's something precious and good.

It's a place that a boy,

can turn into a man.

Its some of the best of times,

I'm its number one fan!

By Lars