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With temps in the 50's and a moon lit night,

the deer just bed down, and stay out of sight.

We know they exist,

as many have been spotted.

Perhaps just one deer, is all we're allotted!

On opening morn, I spied a big buck,

but I chose not to shoot,

and wasted my luck!

I knew right away,

it was the last deer I'd see.

This is what always happens to me!

After 30 years of hunting,

there's no mount on my wall.

At times I'd like to say...

"the heck with it all."

The deer gods don't like me,

I do not know why.

But they sure do like Yukon,

who don't even try!

There is no justice,

no rhyme and no reason,

that he tags a deer, almost every season!

We could have done better,

if not for Invaders.

They hunt from our stands,

like Taliban Crusaders!

Two deer were taken from under our noses,

here's the dilemma,

this bad conduct poses.

We built the stands and scouted the woods,

and our efforts and ethics have done us no good!

You should scout your own hunt,

and you should know the land.

Give others their space,

and hunt your own stand.

When you do take a deer,

you will do it with pride

And you will not ruin the hunt,

for the other side.

Shitbird shot a doe from the Pine Tree stand.

But the hit wasn't clean,

so she got up and ran!

I heard his two shots,

but I'd figured he'd miss.

There is no reason,

to guess other than this!

I helped with the trackin,

gutting and dragging,

By seven P.M.,

we had his first deer hanging.

Then its off to the bar for pizza and beer,

the hi-light of my hunt,

so far this year!

The last night in camp,

we had us a feast.

We drank us some beer,

to say the least!

Rudolph talked smart

and so did our guest,

but the morning revealed,

they did not digest!

Most just slept in the following day,

victims of the suds,

I am sorry to say!

The "Shack" is a place we come to have fun.

Killing deer doesn't matter to everyone.

Some just show up for the friends and the beer!

Some hunt all day for that trophy deer.

Some bring their sons to bond with the Dad,

over the course of a year,

it's the most fun they've had.

Now we depart,

and wave BYE to our friend.

So long Deer Shack, too bad it must end!

By Lars.