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What can you say when they chant:

"Who let the dogs out ?!"

A button is better than nothin,

this I can tout.

It was the first deer down,

I did it for the crew.

It only goes to show...

"They fuck you at the drive thru!"

It's hard to compete

with Rudolph around.

Where ever he hunts,

the deer abound.

With an eight point buck

and a healthy young doe,

he's tied for the lead

and has stolen the show!

And it's good to be lucky

when you do not have skill.

This is how E.J.

managed to kill!

One hour of hunting

on the stand used last year,

the youngster has taken

his very first deer.

A six pointed buck,

and a one mile drag,

reasons to sweat

and just cause to brag!

The guy we call Demo,

never shoots deer.

But he bought us a toaster

for the shack this year!

And he helped me assemble

the deer hunting tower.

The task was completed

in less than an hour!

And Shitbird had us laughing

at the best one yet.

When he came in from outside

with his pants all wet!

Playing cards for money

is a skill and an art.

Your head must be clear,

before you start.

But it's hard to stay focused,

and keep your senses keen.

When Lars is sitting

on a fart machine!

The food was delicious,

we are all ten pounds fatter.

But that's OK,

"It doesn't matter!"

The turkeys were deep-fried,

and the steaks were big.

You love it at the shack,

when you eat like a pig!

Except for the rain,

the weather was great.

We have plenty of veni

to put on the plate.

The young guys all helped

with the tasks and the chores,

one of them even

scrubbed on the floors.

This group that I hunt with,

all work as a team.

I hold them all

in the highest esteem.

Our season is over,

we've had plenty of luck.

Its time to depart,

and load up the truck.

By Lars