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Deer Hunting, 1999

I have dreamed of a day I could hunt in short sleeves,

with the sun in my face

and the smell of dry leaves.

My dad would have loved it,

as he hated the cold.

It was the warmest hunt ever,

or so I am told.

On opening day as the clock struck four,

two deer were laying

on the forest floor.

One at the Scarface and one at the new stand,

one shot by Rudolph

and the other by my hand.

E.J. had a buck, in the scope of his gun.

But he forgot about his safety,

and let the trophy run.

Shitbird had his chances,

claiming many deer were spied.

But he couldn=t shoot a barn,

even from the inside!

Kujo brought his boys,

but the young one wasn=t pleased.

While in a stand with Dad,

he requested different trees!

They seemed to like the hunt,

but their attention span is short.

I am sure they will do better,

with more exposure to the sport.

While hunting on Tuesday,

I put a buck down.

But I took my eyes off him,

to have a look around.

When I looked there again,

my pride turned to shame.

I had learned a new lesson,

AKeep your eyes on the game.@

The deer had escaped,

not making a sound,

and after hours of searching,

never was found.

Now the season=s over,

and the deer are at rest.

But soon I will return,

for the Eelpout Fest!

Life is good in northern Minnesota

By Lars