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Lower Howard Lake Sportsmen's Association

Deer Hunting 1998

Yea, though I walk through a valley of aspen, I fear no evil. The enemy it seems has been outfitted by the devil himself, with powerful guns and sharp knives. The beast roams freely about the forest stalking my every move. He expects that I should give myself up so that he may brag of the conquest to other men in orange.

I am forewarned of his presence by sounds and odors not common to my home.

At great distance I detect his tread, I am awake, and I smell his coffee!

Today is not a good day to die, I know of a place that the monsters will not invade.

It is there that I will be safe.

And safe he was I must confess, once again, we know who's best.

I know he exists, he has shown me his flag,

but that's all you will see of this trophy stag.

Wolfbait returned, and so did the dice.

The shack has new carpet, gosh that's nice!

Yukon was there, but only sleeps.

Groaner and Rudolph have brand new jeeps!

Poker for me was "One Jack Off",

all my money goes into the trough,


Kujo deserves a pat on the back,

his donations are sundry,

too many to track.

All of the guys are doing their share,

we have a heck of a group that really care.

Such was the story at our camp this year,

that's three in a row we've not taken a deer.

We can blame the state for protecting the doe,

or we can blame Mother Nature for 12 inches of snow!

We could blame our guns for not shooting straight,

or we could write it off as just our fate.

But the bottom line as we employ it,

is not the killing of deer,

but did we enjoy it?

The answer is yes, how can you not miss.

Ten days at the shack is nothing but bliss.

We had friends and relations,

we had cards and beer.

We ate like kings,

too much I fear!

We joke and we tease,

we curse and we shout.

We even enjoyed it when the lights went out!

By Lars