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Lower Howard Lake Sportsmen's Association

Deer Hunting 1997

The forest was quiet on opening day,

no deer were taken, not much to say.

So rather than boast of the deer we have shot,

I will focus my thoughts on the good things we've got.

We have a cozy old shack that is warm and roomy,

and with light from a switch, its no longer gloomy!

The forest we hunt is huge and its dense,

and its not all diced up with wind-rows and fence.

It has plenty of game, both large and small,

and with the taxes we pay, its owned by us all!

"Kujo and Groaner" have their youngsters along,

"Count Cookie and "Barney" must prove they belong.

One shoots a .410 and the other a Swiss,

when the big buck walks past them, we hope they won't miss.

Now that the sons are considered young men,

their chores should be done without saying when!

This change into manhood is not without cost,

and I am sure we will miss the boyhood they've lost.

"Cherry" TheElder, might be all through.

We sure have enjoyed him, we hope its not true.

It seems that his mind was not on the hunt,

all he could think of was run, pass and punt!

An equal replacement is hard to arrange,

we will miss his liberal thinking, and abundant poker change!

How can I not mention the food and the beer,

and those gawd-awful smells we endure each year.

After ten days of hunting, I'm in need of a shower,

skunked in more ways than one, I overpower!

But what the heck, its part of the plan,

it is why I enjoy, being a man!

The friends and relations that make up our party,

are hard working men, virile and hearty.

We have bonded like brothers, not a harsh word is spoken,

we constantly insult, but we all know we're jokin!

Its hard to assemble a group such as this,

the faces come and go, too many to list.

Lost but not forgotten is "Pee-Wee" my dad,

never part of our group, this is too bad.

I can feel his spirit when I sit on my stand,

as I write these words, I am holding his hand.

This sport that he left me to share with a friend,

is an important tradition...