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Lower Howard Lake Sportsmen Association

Deer Hunting 1995

On opening weekend it was the usual five, if it got any colder we would never survive.

The fresh laden snow showed sign of our pray, but no deer were taken the very first day.

A legend was born to our deer camp this year, a wily old buck, a ten pointed deer.

His stealth and his speed has taught us a lesson, but none were more humbled than two hunters named Bresin!

Their guns were a blazin, eight wasted round, "Old Scarbelly" escapes without makin a sound.

He came and he went as if he wasn't there, we'd have thought him a vision if hadn't found


Next year he's mine if he gives me a view, I will harvest that beast if it's the last thing I do!

Kujo's a stalker who walks silent and true, he only sits in a stand for a moment or two.

He may have no patients, but he knows where to go, while he was out walkin he took us a doe.

There was a new guy in camp, he claims he had fun, its been too many years since he's carried a

gun. When the big buck ran past him, he blasted away, but the trophy just vanished and still lives


I hope he returns, my brother in-law, and I'm sure that he will with all the deer that he saw!

I only went hunting, on the ends of the week, because different employment is something I seek.

The ten day vacation I have always enjoyed, was taken away when I got re-employed!

The hunting's been better, the food was alright, the poker was brutal, much to K-kids delight!

It could have been warmer and we ran out of beer, but one things for certain,

We will do it next year!

By Lars