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Lower Howard Lake Sportsmen's Association

Deer Hunting 1994

Did ya see da turdy pointer?

Ya says Wolfbait, I seen da turdy pointer.

He was comin right at me with his nose to the ground.

He was walkin up the hill, not makin a sound.

I waited till he turned, so I could shoot him in the side,

but I waited too darn long, and let the Rascal hide!

If I had my "BettyLou", I would have got it done,

cause she's a combination AK-57, uzie, radar, laser,

tripple barreled, double scopped,

heat seekin shot gun!!

The new stand is awesome, with windows of glass.

Its twelve feet in the air, nothing but class!

It has a roof and a gun rack, and a swivel chair too,

and last but not least, a hell of a view.

Its called The Pee-Wee Deluxe, it was built for my dad,

she's the stand he envisioned, I'm sure he'd be glad.

The weather was warm, it's never been that good.

It's fun to hunt deer without a parka and hood!

The forest was dry, which makes it bad for stalkin.

And thanks to the clear-cuts, we had less woods to walk in!

Kujo and Rulolph both slew us a buck,

and we'd have had us a trophy, with a little more luck.

Two friends returned to the deer shack this year,

they were the wolly faced Zeb, and the Lone Pistoleer !!

Zeb brought a friend, a jobless bum named Skid,

and now he's our friend,

and we're all glad he did!

The smart talk was clever, the insults were bad.

When men get together, good times are had.

Its not just the poker, and not just the beer.

Its not just the friendships we cherish each year.

Its not just the smells and the sounds that we hear,

It's the ultimate challenge,

The White Tailed Deer !

By Lars