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November 5, 1994

Well, you know me, I'm not proud.

The sniper pistol scored the first time out.

With the micro-grunt call, I couldn't buy a pass.

Thank god for the beer, I called him with my ass!

He was just passing through, when I passed gas.

He turned his head and spun, then trotted in fast.

I took him head on, how could he have seen,

he was headed for the bore of a killing machine.

He was flopping like a crappie in the bottom of the boat,

so I plugged him once again, to secure my chance to gloat!

I sat on the stand to contemplate my luck,

I thought of Indians and Cave Men,

and how this would have got them a fuck!

Bringing home the bacon, was sure to get them laid.

But here I am, freezing my ass, and don't even get paid!

I thought about the gutting, there was warmth to be had,

On my way it crossed my mind...Ya, I be bad!

I'm a bad ass mother fucker, and my brag may seem bold,

but he'd be a turdy point buck if he'd a grown so old!

Perhaps the moral may seem to you unclear, just the musings and ramblings of a lone pistoleer!

I speak of fart and fucks and Cavemen, and of a turdy point deer.

But it's the gods honest truth, that it could have happened here!!!

Just Cuz