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Our new shack was cozy and roomier too, its got electric and

plumbing and a much better view. The out house was heated and

we had color T.V., we no longer rough it and that's OK by me !

Seven doe permits were issued this year, so we all are expecting

to see lots of deer. But our group of five hunters only harvested

two, because the sightings were rare and the chances were few.

The old guy in camp in his third year back, shot a big doe that

he failed to track. When I found his deer it was one week too

late, so from now on his nickname is "Mr Wolfbait" !!

Young Rudolph is finally considered a man, I've mentored this

youngster the best that I can. He drinks and plays poker and

even shoots deer. I've never been prouder than I was this year.

He helps with the cooking and fixing the shack and he even assisted

in making fake tracks !

It's amusing the nicknames we hunters give stands. I know we all

do it, its part of the plan ! We've got the Brown one, the Green

one, Backache, and Pine, Swamper and Fuckstand are favorites of mine!

Oh ya, there is the Ridge stand, the Bruce stand and Skyscraper too,

this list ain't complete, I've just named a few !

After nine days of hunting your body is shot, you've got B.O. and

heartburn and your back hurts allot! But this sport that my father

has handed to me, its something that's sacred to all who are free.

By: Lars