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On opening day the forest was banging, and by Sunday AM we had five

of them hanging. We thought that last year couldn't be beat, but this

years hunt was really a treat. Its true that "Real Men" hunt the whole

season, but with plenty of veni I guess there's no reason. So instead

of us hunting two weekends this year, we will all meet at my house and

process the deer !

Yukon was back from his two year hiatus but still don't relinquish

his visitor status! With a new scope mounted and his doe tag in hand,

he'd have plenty of action if he'd hunt the rite stand !

The big guy called Kujo is known for one shot, but after four clicks

and nine rounds only two deer he got! Its great that his efforts took

us two doe, but his nickname of "One Shot" is certain to go !

The veteran took his deer and Butch shot a spike. Rudolph keeps bragging

but that's what he's like! The old man who last year had him no luck

won money at black jack and shot a big buck.

Our shack in the woods, a humble abode is owned by the mice and its

thirty years old. Its getting too small for six full grown men and with

sons getting older it soon could be ten. So next year we're thinking its

time to expand and put a new shack on that cleared piece of land. I

hope we can do it, it sure would be nice, but the old shack is still

good in spite of the mice !

The poker and black jack, the food and the drinking, the smart talk

and rudeness are all great I'm thinking. But the thrill of the hunt

and respect for the game are the primary reasons all of us came. If

hunting were cancelled for a shortage of deer, I'd still hunt my stand

with no weapon next year !

By Lars