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There is two new faces in camp this year, two doe tags and a keg of beer.

Once again "Yukon" don't show because he knocked-up his wife and she said

he can't go! We know that he'd rather be stomping the woods but his whining

and pleading has done him no good.

Young "Rudolph" in his third year back slayed his first deer within sight of

the shack. Cocky he is as he said that he would, dog-gone that kid he done

pretty good !

And the deer shack owner who's been down on his luck, finally has taken his

very first buck. And to prove that his curse is no longer true he proved it

to all by shooting us two.

The elder in camp a really "nice guy" didn't shoot any deer but he gave it

a try. He's better suited for poker and dice and his cooking of duck in

chicken of rice !

The second week-end hunt all the men were back, it finally started snowing

which makes it good to track. With three deer in camp hanging the guys they

took it cool, but mostly cause our evenings were spent on "Swedes" bar stool !

Kujo's another who slayed us no deer, but I feel I should mention his name

once this year. While we were all feasting on oven baked pheasant, he was

outside doing something unpleasant !

Our hunt was never better, the new guys worked out great. The food and drink

were plenty but that's always been our trait. I'm sorry that its over, it

sure the hell was fun, if zone two had three week-ends I'd be loading up my

gun !

Thanks Guys

By Lars