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After nine days of hunting this story is told, our hunting tradition

is now six years old. The first weekend group is never the same but

when "Yukon" don't show that's really a shame.

The weather was warm although it rained, snowed and sleeted, but our

deer hunting spirit was never depleted. The poker and drinkin is always

worth mention, but to slay a big buck was our real intention.

For the second time now we don't take a deer, the "killer instinct" was

missing this year! One man hunts un-loaded and one won't shoot a flag

and one guy can't hit the target and all "Rudolph" did was brag !

It took six years of hunting to figure this out, the gun that I hunt

with is jinxed there's no doubt. If you really want shootin and expect

to see deer, don't borrow the weapon you hunt with next year.

Our camp has a friend, a local country bumpkin, he hunts with his wife

known as "The Great Pumpkin" ! He found me one night out having a brew

and said "if you've got the tag, I've got one for you." So in spite of

our luck and gross lack of skill, we've got us a deer without having

to kill !

I know that my sport is not for us all, but a man is a man and this is

his call. But if it were not for us sportsmen and the money we give,

there would be no forest and the game could not live.

By Lars