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It's the second week of deer camp and all the guys are here, the

rookie brought his "Fruity Pebbles" and the veterans got their beer.

The first week only one deer spotted but it didn't have a rack,

and minutes later I climbed a stand and hurt my lower back. But

real men keep on hunting, you never hear them whine, I even cut my

trigger finger, but now everything is fine.

Junior was a victim of a veteran caper, when he went out to the

out house, he had to use wax-paper! And for the first time in our

history we have a female member, but since we have to blow her up

we excuse her for her gender !

The food was never better, the company was great. We'd stay up

playing poker until its very late. The young guy he stayed sober

he thought to help his game but when he counts his money, he's

lost it just the same !

Now the season's over, its been our worst so far, we were issued

no doe permits so we blame the D-N-R. But meat ain't what we're

after, we consider it a plus. The tradition, the friends and the

beauty of the forest is good enough for us.

By Lars