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Its windy and cold on opening day, with conditions like

these, deer will just lay. So you sit in your stand with nothing

to do but try to keep warm and take in the view.

Its often been said that its so damb much fun to hunt for a deer

with a powerful gun. But I can't help thinkin as I sit here and wait

that's it's the poker and drinkin we appreciate.

By ten AM we've all heard the call so we go back to the shack for

some "Eggs Mc Paul" ! and by three PM its hard to believe that one's

been dragged in and there's more to retrieve.

When you as a rookie must clean your first buck, without some

advice you're shit out of luck. So you hike to the road and swallow

your pride and you find someone else to open the hide !!

As dinner is cooking the stories are told, it's a wonder that deer

tales never get old!

When you hunt as a party its an un-written law that you share

everything, including the squaw! If someone don't share, it up-sets

the group and it lowers the chances for meat in the soup.

But our new guy in camp has slayed his first deer, and the salty

old vet has tagged his this year. So all in all if we see no more

game, we've had a GREAT time and were all glad we came.

By Lars