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Its in the woods at the crack of dawn for this years whitetail

hunt is on. You climb a tree for a lengthy stay and you don't climb

down until the end of day. By ten AM you're usually freezing and you

wonder if there is some reason, by five PM you admit defeat and its

back to the shack for something to eat. You ask your friends if

they've seen a deer, they say "not a thing, but there's plenty of beer!"

The party of four can take one doe but the guy with the tag, he

says "hell no", so when you see a deer but its not a buck, you curse

out-loud "what rotten luck".

The second week-end its just the two, but that's OK its nothing

new. So you walk the woods and follow some track and you know that next

year you'll be back, but one thing sure is a different group cause deer

tracks make for a mighty this soup!

By Lars